FIFA launches new online platform for handling legal proceedings


4 May 2022

The FIFA Legal Portal, which went live on Sunday, enables football stakeholders – such as clubs, players, associations, intermediaries, law firms with a power of attorney, and anyone involved in proceedings – to lodge a claim with the relevant FIFA decision-making or judicial body.

The new platform will “gradually replace” the current email communications system. After a transitional period, proceedings will exclusively be initiated through the portal and correspondence concerning proceedings before the FIFA Football Tribunal and FIFA judicial bodies will solely be conducted via the portal.

The football body said the system will “ensure simple, secure and transparent communication between FIFA and the parties involved, as well as a better understanding of the proceedings and heightened traceability”.

In a statement, it added: “FIFA is continuing to modernise and streamline the proceedings before its decision-making and judicial bodies in order to facilitate the filing and management of claims, while at the same time ensuring the transparency and traceability of proceedings for all football stakeholders.”

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