Experts Panel

The Irish Claims Authority is an independent body. Our objective is to ensure that people claiming, have their compensation assessed quickly and fairly and without unnecessary stress and worries.

The Role of Experts within the ICA Process

The Irish Claims Authority works with a panel of qualified and certified experts to advise potential claimants of their rights and entitlements in all areas of compensation claims. This includes property damage, injuries, debt recovery, medical issues, building defects and environmental issues.

All our experts must be practicing members of a Professional Body, and have and maintain up to date Continual Professional Developmen and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Panel members include Solicitors, Loss Assessors, Architects, Engineers and Environmental Contractors and many more. Panel members who agree to advise claimants must do this in the first instance without charge to the claimant.

If panel members may wish to retain the claimant (so as they become the expert’s client). The claimant must be made aware of the charging structure of the expert in such a circumstance. The ICA has no ongoing role or interest in any matter referred to an expert.

The ICA Certified Logo

Members of the Irish Claims Authority expert panel are entitled to use the ICA Certified Logo on their stationary and advertising to demonstrate their competence and expertise in achieving membership of the select group of ICA Certified Claims Assessors.

ICA Certified Logo


How to join

Please apply to join the panel of experts by completing the Expert Application Form.

Feedback: If you are a member of our expert panel and have any queries or feedback please contact us at

Some bodies our experts are members of or are regulated by

Insurance Institute
Medical Council UK
Medical Council UK
Engineers of Ireland
Law Society of Ireland
Medical Council Ireland
Institute of Public Loss Assessors
Law Society of Northern Ireland
Financial Conduct Authority
Central Bank of Ireland
UK Ireland Spill Association
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