Compensation Culture in Ireland?

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25 August 2021

The current perception is that Ireland has a burgeoning compensation culture fuelled by people in their masses lodging both genuine and not so genuine claims.

We disagree with this standpoint.

There are people in society who genuinely deserve and need compensation for their losses. Making it easier for them to have access to compensation is surely a fundamental right in any modern society.

Everyone has the right of access to a solicitor and to look for compensation if someone causes him or her injury or loss.

It is a shame that high profile polititions and public figures have found it necessary to enter the debate. These are precisely the people with immediate access to private medical care and no loss of earnings, should they suffer an injury or other losses caused by someone else; to lecture others about a worrying compensation culture really is a bit rich. They should talk to people who do not get paid if they take time off work due to injury and who have to use the bus to visit hospital and then wait for several hours to see a doctor. These are people who need to be properly compensated and who need the most help to achieve a level playing field with the insurers. This is the true picture of many people who claim compensation.

All people deserve the right to achieve a level of equality.

Directors and shareholders of insurance companies should look much closer to home for the real reasons for their failing liability accounts and stop blaming a supposed compensation culture..

Poor underwriting philosophies, an unhealthy craving for larger market share and poor to non-existent risk management by insureds are the real causes why liability accounts are in poor shape.

If you sustained an injury or a loss, you can check using either our online claims calculator. You can also make a free enquiry for an assessment without obligation. This service is completely free.

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