Boy who lost tip of his finger when it got caught in bathroom door at school awarded €40,000

St Colmcille’s National School, Augnacliffe, Co Longford

15 November 2021

A boy who lost the tip of a finger when it became caught in a bathroom door at school two years ago has settled his High Court action for €40,000.

Conor Bissett, who was five at the time, suffered the amputation of the tip of his right little finger. The court heard he had to have two surgeries and his little finger is permanently short.

Conor (7), of Cnoc na Greine, Granard, Co Longford, through his mother Tanya Bissett, sued St Colmcille’s National School, Augnacliffe, Co Longford, as a result of the accident on May 22, 2019.

In an affidavit, Conor’s mother said her son suffered a complete amputation at the tip of the little finger. The amputated part she said was placed in milk and transferred with him to hospital.

On arrival at the Dublin hospital, the finger was noted to be very macerated and a grafting of the tip could not take place.

Conor was taken to theatre and the wound was thoroughly cleaned.

He was discharged home but he had to return to the dressing clinic several times afterwards. Ms Bissett said the finger had completely healed but there was a problem with nail growth though he had a full range of motion in the finger.

She said her son now has a 2cm scar and while he has a full range of motion of the finger she said doctors believe his little right finger is permanently short.

Approving the settlement Mr Justice Garrett Simons said it was a very good one in all the circumstances of the case.

At issue in the case was whether the bathroom door was too heavy and closed too quickly.

The judge noted the boy had full functionality of the finger.

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